Best budget Fitness Trackers to Buy in Nepal

Best budget Fitness Trackers to Buy in Nepal

Health and fitness tracking are some of the most important things, especially now than ever. But with the busy schedules, work and deadlines, we seldom get to keep track of our health. Thankfully, technology, like most other times has come to our rescue in the form of fitness bands. Yes, of course, there are other options like smartwatches for fitness tracking and keeping check of your health, but often they are very expensive and hence, they do not fit in our budget. But fitness bands do a similar job like of the smartwatches for a much wallet-friendly price. Thus, in this writing, we will discuss about the best budget fitness trackers for under Rs. 5000 that you can get in Nepal right now!

  1. Mi Band 5: Mi Bands have always been popular in the fitness band industry and the Mi Band 5 is Xiaomi’s latest and greatest fitness band available in the Nepali market right now! Visually, in the Mi Band 5, there is not much difference from the Mi Band 4. It has a bit of a bulky design with a circular top and bottom. It is lightweight though, so it will not feel uncomfortable in your everyday commute.

As for the display, it has the largest display among others in this list measuring at 1.1- inches with an AMOLED panel that has 294 x 126 pixels and 450 nits brightness. The brightness on this thing is sufficient for outdoor usage as well and being the AMOLED panel it is, the colors here are fantastic. By the way, the display here is a touch screen and supports swipe input as well.

Talking about the functionality of the device, there are 100+ watch faces available here and you can choose to customize them with your own image as well. Its fitness tracking functions include 24/7 heart rate monitoring (PPG Heart Rate sensor), sleep tracking, step and stress counting and sport tracking like walks, yoga, cycle, jump, and many more. There are also breathing exercises. Additionally, this is the only fitness band in this list that offers features for women’s health monitoring like, period and ovulation cycle tracking. Likewise, there is Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity here while the others in this list only have up to Bluetooth 4.2.

The Mi Band 5 is juiced y a 125mAh battery that gives about 14- day endurance. You can charge this device with the new proprietary 2Pin magnetic charger that takes about 1.5 hours to get the band fully charged. 

  1. Honor Band 5: Unlike the former in this list, this one is better looking and has a sleek and rectangular design. The silicon straps here are very soft and feel comfortable to use and the band is light to weighing 22.7 grams and unlike the Mi Band 5, there’s only Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity. The display over here, just like the Mi Band 5 is an AMOLED one with excellent colors and contrast and with 5 levels for brightness, visibility on the Honor Band 5 is not a problem. You also get a low brightness mode for a night that helps reduce eye strain. 

In terms of functionality, you get 150+ watch faces to choose from the Huawei Health app and additionally, they are customizable from third-party sources like Amazefaces. Its ‘raise to wake’ option works flawlessly with the 6- Axis accelerometer+ Infrared wear+ Gyroscope sensors. 

For fitness tracking, you get similar features like the Mi Band 5 minus women’s health monitoring features. There are options, like Heart rate monitoring, step counting, SpO2, etc and a total of 10 sports tracking options like running, walking, cycling, swimming, free training, rowing, elliptical, etc.

In addition to that, Honor even compares its heart rate monitoring with Polar H10 professional heart rate monitor and says that it is incredibly competitive. It can also give diverse data like speed, calories, aerobic, distance, SWOLF and more indifferent terrestrial or water-based training session. 

For battery, endurance has a 100 mAh battery. It uses a Micro USB connection for charging which takes the band from 0-100% in 1.5-1.8 hours.

  1. Realme Band: Realme Band is the company’s first fitness band. It has an incredibly minimalistic design with gentle curves that round around the hand seamlessly. Additionally, it is made using an eco-friendly polymer material and is comfortable to wear like the other two in this list. But the TPU strap here feels a bit plasticky and cheap. The display on the Realme Band is a 0.96-inches TFT panel with measly 160 x 80 pixels which are not as bright as the ones on the Mi Band 5 or the Honor Band 5 and also the colors, contrast and brightness aren’t that great on this one. 

For fitness tracking, there are options for 24hr heart rate (w/ PPG heart rate sensor), sleep, step, and for sports, you get, run, walk, bike, hike, fitness, climb, spin, yoga, cricket, etc. among others. The step monitoring feature here is also slightly over-compensated. Also, for sports mode, you can only track 3 at once on the Realme Band. 

The connectivity side of things here is similar to the Hoor Band 5, i.e., you get Bluetooth 4.2 support here. It also has the 3- axis accelerometer which makes the “ raise to wake” option work flawlessly on the Realme Band. Likewise, you have a 90mAh battery here which is charged by a USB A charger and there is no hassle of any wires here as you can plug in the band directly and charge it. 

  1. Huawei Band 4: The Huawei Band 4 was launched a long time before the others in this list, yet it is one of the best budget options when it comes to fitness tracking. The band comes bearing Truseen 3.5 feature which helps you monitor your heart rate much more accurately and precisely. Like the others in this list, this one is preloaded with nine different exercise modes that allow the band to suggest an appropriate workout routine based on the user’s heart rate. It also has features like sleep tracking that further adds to the niceties.

As for the design on this one, it is made of TPU material, which basically means plastic and has a rectangular body. The Huawei Band 4 comes with a 0.96- inches TFT color screen. Being the TFT screen it is, one cannot expect vibrancy like an AMOLED one, but still, it gets the job done. Like with the Honor watch, you get a lot of watch faces to choose from on this one too. But sadly, like many others on this list, you only get Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity here. 

Talking of the battery like on the Huawei Band 4, you get a 91 mAh battery that can give you more than a week’s endurance!