Top work from home essentials to boost your productivity!

Top work from home essentials to boost your productivity!

Just a couple of months before, working from home was not a general practice, but now too many of us, it has been forced upon because of the ongoing pandemic. Working from home has also changed the dynamics of running a business as many have realized that it can be a cost-saving measure. But most importantly, working from home has changed the way employees perceive the work environment, as it is them who are actually facing the good and bad of it. 

And one of the greatest challenges of working from home definitely has to be gathering the essentials to do so. Because an office is already equipped with things to create that work environment for you, it easier to get your job done there. But at home, there are several things that might hinder the motivation or the drive for work. So, it’s crucial to make an office-like environment in our homes. In this writing, we will get to know about the top work from home essentials that everyone should have to boost their productivity. 

When it comes to a more effective work from home practice, there are basically three things or three infrastructures that play an important role, Technological Infrastructures, Physical Infrastructures and Motivational Infrastructures.

Let’s talk about the Technological infrastructures first. The word technological signifies that these are the infrastructures related to the tech needed to work from home and those include,

  1. Laptops: A laptop is a primary necessity as it is where you get your work done basically. Now, the type of laptop that you need depends upon the kind of work you do. For example, if you are a video editor, you need something that has good processing (CPU+GPU) capabilities, something with more high-end specs whereas if you are someone whose work requires just typing and web browsing or using light software, you might as well get something less demanding. Again, it's not just the kind of work you do, but again your budget as well that is a prime factor in deciding the kind of laptop you need to get.

  1. Phone: Now, a phone is important while working from home because, you will need to be with your team frequently, have meetings and discuss things over. And most of the times, your laptop does not have a good quality webcam. On the other hand, smartphones these days have evolved so much that even the most basic of phones have good enough cameras. So, a phone can come really handy when you have to engage in team meetings, presentations, etc. Just like laptops, you can get a phone that best suits your needs and budget.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones: So, when someone is working from home, it’s almost a given that there are going to be a lot of distractions whether it be from your pets, your siblings or other members of the family or even your neighbour. So, to keep away from all the distractions, one will certainly need noise-cancelling headphones to keep oneself focused. It not necessary that you get headphone though. In accordance with your budget, you can go for wireless earbuds or earphones too that have some kind of active noise cancellation. 

  2. Mouse: A mouse is not really the utmost necessity, but t really helps you get the work done efficiently. Not all laptops have the best of trackpads which can make working uncomfortable and inefficient. So, a mouse can really help boost your efficiency by making it easier to work.

The next infrastructure for a better work from home practice are Physical infrastructures. Physical infrastructures relate to the work settings or the physical environment for work. These include,

  1. A Desk: A desk or a dedicated workspace might not seem like an absolute necessity, but it can really prove to be of utter importance in regards to making you focused at work. When we do not have a dedicated workspace, it might make us unwilling or lazy to get going. So, a desk holds great significance. Also, a desk that has modular properties is highly recommended as with it you can adjust the height and match it with how you are comfortable working. 

  1. A Chair: A dedicated work chair is as important as a dedicated table. As you will be working all day sitting in the same place, it is advised that you get the most comfortable of chairs. It is really necessary for maintaining a good posture and to prevent yourself from back and neck pain. Just like the table, if you get something that is more robust, it will help in having an efficient workflow.

  1. A light source: A light source is vital when you have to present things or have meetings with people via the internet. These days platforms like Google Meet, Zoom and Skype are the most used for team meetings or conferences and they require you to be present in videos, so having good lighting can make your presentation appealing and professional. So, it is advised to have a light source in front of you in order to deliver impressive meetings or conferences.

  1. Coffee machine: When one works for a long time, it is obvious for them to get stressed and fatigued and bored. So, there is always a need for a stress buster to help you cope with all the work stress. Coffee really helps get your energy back and keep going. A handy, portable coffee machine really makes it easier for you to get a cup of refreshment. These things really help you stay put in your work for a longer time.

Now that we are done with the Technological and Physical infrastructures of working from home, the last and one of the most important is the motivational infrastructures. And in this time, most people are facing an extreme motivational crisis while working from home. So, some of the motivational infrastructures include,

  1. A plant: It is scientifically proven that green and colourful plants when put in front of you can really help you divert your mind off stress and increase productivity. It has all to do with the positive energy that plants have that help you stay away from bad vibes. Plus, having plants around helps in maintaining good health as well. So, having a plant on your desk can really do wonders.

  2. A natural light source: A natural light source like a window can also help you blow off some steam while you have been working for longer hours. Natural light is also a source of positivity and good hope which helps one stay calm. It basically helps you in a similar way as a plant.