Warranty Policy


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Warranty and Repair Policy

Any data loss due to repairs performed on your machines will not be HUKUT’s responsibility.

Please check the list of accessories provided with the machines, HUKUT will not be responsible for any item not mentioned on the job card.

All items sent for repair are subject to a service charge to be mentioned at the time of deposit, Urgent repair charges will be charged as applicable.

HUKUT is not responsible for any delays in repairs. Any items left at our service center and older than two (2) months will not be the company’s responsibility.

Notification of completion of repairs is done by telephone/email/message as and where applicable.

In case there is loss or damage to customers’ machines due to unforeseen circumstances, HUKUT’s liability is limited to 50% of the total value.

HUKUT aims to provide the best customer service to all its clients, however, due to the nature of service, our service and spares shall not bear any warranty.

All disputes to be solved with mutual consent, HUKUT is not liable for any damages financial or otherwise and HUKUT’s responsibilities are limited to this contract.
All the above terms and conditions are binding to the client in case they choose to get service from HUKUT.